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Ohio Concealed Carry Training

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On October 14th and 15th, we will be conducting a training class that will exceed the requirements under Ohio state law to apply for a concealed handgun license. The class will be taught by NRA Training Counselor Daniel White.

This ten-hour class is designed to go beyond the state minimum requirements for applying for an Ohio concealed handgun license and covers all of the basics of keeping and carrying a handgun for self-defense including:

  • Handgun parts and terminology
  • Ammunition parts and terminology
  • Choosing and purchasing a handgun
  • Choosing proper carry gear such as holsters
  • Safe gun handling and preventing accidents
  • Safe storage of guns and ammunition
  • Fundamentals for proper shooting a handgun
  • How to resolve firearm malfunctions
  • The basics of armed self-defense
  • Applying for a concealed handgun license
  • Avoidance and de-escalation of hostile situations
  • Developing situational awareness
  • Threat management and response
  • Overview of Ohio concealed carry laws
  • Legal issues of lethal force
  • Post self-defense considerations
  • Range etiquette and terminology
  • Live fire training
  • And more!

The class will be conducted at North Olmsted Sportsman’s Club. The dates and times for the class will be Saturday, October 14th from 9:00am to 4:00pm and Sunday, October 15th, from 10:00am to 1:00pm. Class fee will be a special price of just $75 (regularly $100).

Students should bring their own handgun, if you have one, as well as ammunition and safety equipment (eye and ear protection is REQUIRED). If you do not have any of these items, please contact the instructor to make arrangements for equipment to be provided for you at an additional cost. For reasons of practicality, please do not bring any magnum caliber firearms larger than .357. Recommended firearms include .22, .38, .40, .45, .357, and 9mm. Revolvers or semi-automatic handguns are welcome. Please bring no less than 200 rounds of ammunition.

Prior to the class, you will receive more information including a map and driving directions.

Students will be expected to attend the entire length of class time. A written and shooting test will be required to pass the course. You will need to bring your own lunch and beverages. Please bring notepaper and writing utensils. A picture ID is also required. There will be no smoking permitted inside any of the facilities. The class will take place rain or shine. The range is an indoor facility.

Upon successful completion of the class, you will have exceeded the training requirements under Ohio law for applying for a concealed handgun license. The process for application will be reviewed during the class. You will receive additional information the week before the class.

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